24k Gold Bar Price

24 k Gold Bar Price – What to look for?

After careful research, you will find, that prices for 24k gold bars will vary greatly, depending on their actual weight and quality/purity.

Additionally, you will need to make a few big decisions like, how many gold bars do you wish to buy, for what price and a quality/purity, but most importantly, how much money can you afford to spend for these gold bars?

Will you buy them as a “one shot” deal? Would you rather buy them in smaller sizes and weights periodically? Would you like to have a savings account backed up by these physical gold bars? There are several choices!

What quality of gold bars should I look for?
The best purity, which is – 99.9%
Quality/purity is determined by actual percentages of  a pure gold in the bar.

What are Gold Bars Purities?
They vary, but the most common are:  96.5% – 99% – 99.5% – 99.9% (the best) … see here

What are the most common weights?
They range from 1 ounce up to 1 kilogram and more

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Are there any smaller and more affordable sizes then 1 ounce?
Yes, generally starting at – 1 gram, 2.5 grams, 5.0 grams  and up.

Are there any advantages to consider, before of  buying these small sizes? 
Big – Yes. In the example of Karatbars, they are easily affordable ($47-$65 per 1 gram) to everyone, everywhere. They are very easy to store, exchange them for any currency, buy goods and services worldwide and also very easy to sell, if needed. Simply, small sizes of physical gold can be used as a real money worldwide.

One of the e-commerce companies, distributing these small, individually certified, 999.9% pure 24k gold bars is Karatbars International.

Karatbars InternationalWho is it?

Karatbars International is an E-commerce company. They specializes in a  distribution of 999.9 fine, gold bars in smaller sizes and more affordable weights. Karatbars are pure 24k gold bars in small denominations, produced by LBMA accredited refinery, allowing you to begin your individual physical gold-backed savings account and or buying small gold bars in these turbulent economic times.

Purchasing  gold in small ( 1g – 2.5g – 5g ) denominations, tends to make purchasing of real physical gold cost effective and more accessible to everyone, anywhere. Karatbars International is open for business in 120+ countries all around the world.

Your online Back Office is similar to a  standard online bank account, where you’ll be able to adjust your month-to-month buying/saving quantity, add an additional one-time-buy or to sell back your gold (withdraw).
You are simply exchanging a paper (fiat) currency, for a real money – 24k physical gold bars. 

There may be a general misunderstanding of thinking, that by buying a physical gold, you are actually investing in gold. The answer is – not at all!
You will more likely get additional benefits, as gold prices will go up, but the main purpose is to protect your savings value in the future, while the dollar and other paper currencies are and will be steadily sharply declining over the near future, due to governments 24-hours printing of their paper currencies.

The basic reason to open your savings account, backed by the real physical gold or to buy actual physical gold, is to protect a value of your present savings etc., and hedge against any paper currency for now or in the future, since this paper currency is constantly loosing its value due to a excessive printing worldwide.

Again –  a correct reason is a protection/hedging – not investing! In addition, if the price of 24k gold as a major commodity goes up, for whatever reason, you will gain a profit as an additional benefit.

* Gold savings accounts are free of charge. Month-to-month purchases are not required.
You may get your cash money through the use of  Karatbars International MasterCard – debit card.
Professional gold dealers or Karatbars International will buy back Karatbars gold bars for cash, if needed.
No requirement to refer anyone, if you don’t need  any commissions no minimums (for business partners).
The Karatbars gold bars are produced by LBMA accredited refinery.
* Karatbars International are trusted by prime customer watchdogs, like “BDS-Bund Der Sparer in Germany.
* Karatbars International utilizes Fedex rates to ship your gold worldwide.

Karatbars International was founded in 2011. However, the concept started already in 2008. The headquarters are located and registered to do business in Stuttgart – Germany. They’re also having additional global offices in Germany, Belize, and Thailand.  They are debt free and fully funded international company.

Karatbars International is an  E-Commerce company. However, they do offer a very lucrative affiliate rewards program like many online businesses around the world. They are NOT considered to be MLM. The difference is very clear. Karatbars International has zero sponsorship requirements or monthly purchase requirements in order to earn commissions. Their affiliates can refer others to an online Gold Savings Plan and earn commissions whether or not they personally purchase their products.

Karatbars International – Official Website

They offer a distinctive way to save and earn, generating a monthly earnings with gold without any financial outlay necessary to becoming an organization participant. New business partners may begin generating  monthly commissions with “No Money Down”.  (similar to many other existing affiliate concepts)

Karatbars International, is actually a category creator of  personal worldwide gold currency (GOLD CASH=”Spendable Gold”), in a small and  far more transaction friendly weights, for buying goods and services anywhereChina has recently followed this trend allowing opening  physical gold accounts to their own citizens.

Karatbars are stored in vaults and not in circulation or about circulation like a savings deposit vault of  standard banks. They are NOT  held as collateral  for something else, like a prime funding ventures or something similar. If  for some reason you can’t fully trust your account to be located in any foreign country, then  you always have a choice to get your Karatbars delivered directly to you by FedEx or G4S.

People certainly need to know, that when they obtain their gold, that it is secure and safe. Karatbars International offers it’s buyers a number of storage facilities, including a private free secure storage inside the company’s vault in Frankfurt, Germany. They can also store their gold  for a fee in Switzerland or Singapore with a direct contract with the Swiss or Singapore storage facilities.

Karatbars International  does offer totally free storage and flat rate shipping. When you deposit a paper “fiat currency”, you will simply get Karatbars gold bars in exchange. Shortly after paying shipping charges, you will have your Karatbars in your hands directly from FedEx. Shipping  is at very low price, fast, reputable and secure. All deliveries are packaged under video surveillance.

When your Karatbars gold bars leave the firm’s hands, they’re double-insured by each – Karatbars International and Prosegur (http://www.prosegur.de/). There’re shipped via FedEx. Large deliveries are done by G4S, the largest armored delivery firm worldwide.

Karatbars brand “gold money” is starting to be utilized much like currency to buy goods and services from merchants as an alternative to credit cards and cash. In Europe, numerous merchants accept the Karatbars as payment.. The truth is, most merchants favor a physical gold as being a real money, compared to an inflated fiat paper currency.

Financial Expert, Mike Maloney:

“Money (right now) is the best investment – exchange paper money into gold money now. You will be able to buy more stuff later! Stay in paper money and you will buy less stuff in the future. It is as simple as that.”

“Getting out of paper currency and exchanging it for real money, sound money in smaller, more affordable, transaction friendly weights, with complete liquidity available at all times, makes great sense.”

You can start to exchange your unstable paper money for a  historically ensured gold bars – one gram at the time !  (Approximately $40-$60 per 1g gold bar)

Don’t wait to buy gold – buy gold and wait !
Having gold is to hedge against declining value of all currencies, including US dollar.
Karatbars International account holders can exchange their “fiat paper currency” into a real currency – 24 Karat 999.9 pure gold bars, produced by LBMA accredited refinery.
Free accounts are available now. No fees applied by banker or broker.

By the way, if you are interested, you can go to a FREE and direct gold buying/gold savings registration link here → 24kGoldPrice.net/karatbars

Secure your future with Karatbars.

Additionally you will receive our 100 € (Euros) = about $110.00 Bonus Card.

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